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Handcrafted Jewelry from around the world

Jewelry as remarkable as you! Divine, Glorious & Gorgeous

About our Jewelry

Our necklace collection focuses on showcasing artists both local and from around the world.

We love it when our Artist drop by our local store in Rockville Centre, NY and bring us fabulous new pieces like these for you. 

About Denise McDonald

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Unique Jewelry

Our Jewelry is hand selected from Artist from around the world, who put their heart and soul into making something special.

Quality Pieces that Inspire

Handcrafted, using the highest quality of stones, metals and other organic materials.

Free Shipping

We value our customers so we offer fast, free shipping on all orders placed in the United States.

Personal About Us

Ka Pai opened it’s doors on November 18, 2017, by Denise and Mac McDonald, the boutique’s owners. Denise’s husband Mac is from New Zealand and is a native Maori. 

The name Ka Pai means “It’s Good” in Maori. The boutique features an array of sterling silver and gold jewelry, watches, earrings, exclusive accessories and gifts from artists all over the world.

Denise & Mac are proud to be a part of the community and are happy to pay it forward by donating to local charities here in Rockville Centre, NY. 

Why Ka Pai?

Ka Pai Jewelry is handcrafted from over 28 different artist both local and from around the world. The boutique features both modern and classic handmade designs. Each piece is individually picked out and scrutinized before ever reaching the unique displays in the boutique. Ka Pai translates to “it good”, and that is exactly what are Artisan Jewelry is….It’s Good!

A company that cares

We care about our local communities. We make an effort to give back to our local community by helping are local schools around Rockville Centre, NY.

Supports artists

As a community, it is important to support artist as they make an impact on the world. Our artist thoughtfully design pieces to be worn alone or layered together.


We take pride and helping you feel unique in your jewelry selection. Rest assured that we are always available during regular working hours if you have a problem with any online order.

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